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Why can't I access the CRS?
Last Updated 10 years ago

If you encounter problems such as the link you want to access doesn't show or there is no display after you click on something in the CRS website, it may be because your browser was not configured to allow cookies or to run JavaScript. Please make sure your browser allows cookies and Javascript before accessing the CRS again.
Another reason could be your network especially if you are accessing the CRS website from outside the campus. You may try accessing the other UP Diliman websites like to make sure that it is not a network problem. If UP Diliman websites still do not load, it may be a connectivity issue with UP Diliman and your ISP. Please email us your location and ISP at so that our network administrators can find a solution.
If you still cannot access the CRS, please email us at or go to the UP Computer Center to have your problem attended to.

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