Computerized Registration System (CRS)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Computerized Registration Section

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Available Slot / Total Slots / Demand information on a subject updated real time?  
  2. At the middle of the sem, there was a change of teacher. The first/second teacher does not appear in the SET, what should I do?  
  3. Do I have to pay anything for a ChangeMat transaction?  
  4. Do I still need to evaluate a subject that I cancelled through Change of Matriculation but still in CRS?  
  5. Does a grade of "DRP" affect my GWA (General Weighted Average)?  
  6. How can I correct my grades in the CRS?  
  7. How do I get a UP dilnet account?  
  8. I already completed my requirements or have taken the removal exam. How come my grades are not yet updated?  
  9. I already dropped the course. Why should I evaluate the teacher?  
  10. I already shifted to another degree. How come my student records in the CRS are not updated?  
  11. I am already in my second/third degree (undergraduate or graduate). How come my undergraduate degree is displayed instead of my second/third degree?  
  12. I am ineligible this term. Can I still pre-enlist classes?  
  13. I cannot find the particular class that I want! What should I do?  
  14. I did not enroll in a particular class. Why is it in my CRS records?  
  15. I didn't get the subjects I pre-enlisted. What happened?  
  16. I don't have the SET Answering Module in my CRS account. Help!  
  17. I forgot my UP dilnet username and password, how can I reactivate my UP dilnet account and use the CRS?  
  18. I got pre-enlisted in a subject that I won't be taking. What should i do?  
  19. I haven't finished the set and it closed already, will I still receive my grades?  
  20. I just discovered that I have an unsettled ChangeMat transaction in the past. How do I settle this?  
  21. I should be given priority in the pre-enlistment runs. How come I didn't get the subjects I pre-enlisted?  
  22. I was ineligible for some reason. By now, I have satisfied the requirements for eligibility. Would eligibility checking be done again at the start of next term? Or should I do something now?  
  23. I won't be enrolling next term. What should I do with my pre-enlisted classes?  
  24. If I were to drop a class that has two instructors (e.g. a class that has an instructor for the lecture and another instructor for the lab), would I need the consent of both teachers?  
  25. May I drop a units even though I will become underloaded?  
  26. My instructor is not responding to my request to drop. What should I do?  
  27. My name is incorrect in my CRS account. How can I change it?  
  28. My teacher is not indicated in the class? Or, my class indicates a wrong teacher or is still TBA. What should I do?  
  29. There are several instructors in the class I am enlisted in and some of the instructors there did not teach in the class. What should I do?  
  30. There is no SET questionnaire for a particular class. What should I do?  
  31. What is the meaning of "Please enter your UP dilnet login credentials"?  
  32. What is the meaning of "You do not have permission to use this application"?  
  33. Where can I get a ChangeMat form?  
  34. Why can't I access the CRS?  
  35. Why can't I pre-enlist in some courses?  
  36. Why do I need to logout?  
  37. Why shouldn't I save my password to the browser cache?  
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